Attendance Phone: 250-386-3591

Attendance phone: 250-386-3591

Attendance email:

It is also advised that you only use this email for absence messages as it is monitored by more than one person. 

Please included the homeroom teacher on the email.

Student Absences & Automated Call-back System

At Central our number one purpose is to have your child be successful in school. Therefore, we work very hard to have all students attend school regularly and on time. Research is clear that attendance is one of the top factors of a student’s success in school: if a student attends regularly and on time, they are much more likely to succeed in school. Knowing this, we are quite particular about student attendance. Please be sure your child arrives at school at least 5 minutes before the first bell at 8:34am. This will allow them sufficient time to get ready for class. If you are having difficulty getting your child to school on time, please call your child’s teacher or a school administrator for support around the matter. If we find that your child is not attending on time we will be sure to call you for the same.

If a student is ill or will be missing school for the day or part of a day, we request that parents telephone the school at 250-386-3591, email to or give written notice.  If your child needs to leave the school at any time, it is mandatory that we receive permission from a parent or guardian either by phone, email or written notice. The student must sign out at the office.   We cannot allow a student to leave without permission.  As a safety measure, a telephone call will notify parents if a student has not arrived by the start of the day. You will receive an automated message if your child has been marked absent from school unless you call the school office in advance to inform the school. If and when you receive such a message, we ask that you contact the school to confirm the absence.

If your child does arrive after the start of the day, they will sign in at the office before heading off to class. There may be an occasion where you receive this message even though your child attended school. Such an event may occur if your child arrives late but fails to sign in at the office. If this occurs we request that you contact us so that we are able to make any corrections necessary.