Welcome to Central School’s Music program!

Learning to play an instrument is an exciting adventure for your child. It is an enriching experience, and one that I hope your daughter or son will enjoy.

It is our sincere desire to do all that I can to make this a gratifying and worthwhile experience. We feel that you, too, will want to do all you can to help your child get the most from this adventure into music.

With your understanding and assistance, we can be assured of a happy, worthwhile experience in music for your child.

What we are trying to do for your child


Therefore, we provide a music study program which will teach your child:

  • to enjoy working with other students.
  • to develop individual talents for social life at school, at home, and in the community.
  • to know music through familiarity with specific compositions.
  • to develop a desire to listen to quality music.
  • to experience the thrill of playing well with others and for others.

Student growth through music will be gained by learning to:

  • concentrate on the job at hand.
  • play an instrument in class.
  • prepare for these lessons at home.
  • listen to the playing of others.
  • develop a musical ear.
  • develop rhythmic and melodic feeling.
  • play in a large group.
  • play individually at home, at school, and in the community.
  • accept constructive criticism by teacher, classmates and public.
  • find happiness and satisfaction through music activities.

Thank you!


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Although students may enter the beginning music program at any point up to Grade 8, they are encouraged to begin the study of instruments in Grade 6.


Generally music stores in Victoria offer a trial rental purchase plan (usually four months). The four-month rental is applied toward the purchase of an instrument, should the student continue. Parents are urged to take advantage of this plan, for in the four-month period the student will show if they have the ability and desire to continue their instrumental music studies.

Music stores also offer a month to month rental plan which is cheaper and some parents may opt for this choice. It is most imperative that the student beginning an instrument has one of good quality and in excellent working condition. The staff of the music stores and Mr. Weaver will be happy to assist you in the selection of a proper instrument.


When instruments are in the hands of the students, class lessons are given two or three times week. Classroom teachers cooperate with the music program so that regular studies do not conflict with the band periods.


Each student is expected to spend at least enough time in home practice to satisfactorily complete the class assignments. A minimum of twenty minutes practice each day is recommended, but practice makes perfect, and the more the better. Establish a daily practice routine early, in a place free from interruption, well lighted, and comfortable. If possible, provide a folding music stand of the inexpensive type.

Ample opportunity to demonstrate musical achievements should be given in the home. In the beginning stages, when the efforts more often resemble noise rather than polished musical tone, encouragement and consideration are extremely important. As your child progresses, show your pride in his or her musical achievements. Each student will be given a practice card that needs to be signed by parents and submitted in the first class of the week. The practice record is a proven method to keep students motivated to practice.


Additional “out-of-school” instruction gives your child a decided advantage, and we encourage students to study privately in addition to the free class lessons. Mr. Weaver will be happy to help find a competent teacher for your child, if you so desire. Private lessons are not mandatory and students who do not wish to take private lessons will still do well in music classes.



All Central Music program members participate in at least four formal concerts during the school year. In addition, they may be called upon to perform for various functions such as school assemblies, sports events, informal parents’ concerts, etc. The concert program is flexible, and students are given ample opportunity to appear in public, in solo, small ensembles, and full band. Students in the grade 7/8 band will, of course, be called upon more frequently than students in the beginning groups.


Students are required to be at all performances, unless suddenly taken ill or excused in advance. The experience gained in such performances is a valuable part of the students’ musical education, and they are expected to accept the responsibility which membership in the music program demands. Please make every effort to assist your child in this matter. If your child is unable to attend a concert please give as much notice as possible.


Why Do We Fundraise?

The music program at the school is expensive to operate. To run an engaging and vibrant music program requires us to fundraise through the school. Some of the expenses during the year include:

  • Trips
  • Purchasing good used instruments
  • Sheet Music

Fundraising Opportunities

  • Poinsettias sales, December
  • Hanging Baskets, Spring
  • CD Sales, after each concert
  • Musical Dessert Night, February
  • Pizza Sales

How Can You Help?

Parents, and other interested people, can help in these ways:

  • Volunteer to help with fundraising activities
  • Purchase fundraising items
  • Directly contribute to the Central Middle School Music Program by making a tax-deductible donation to the Greater Victoria School Board and ask that the monies be directed to the music program at our school
  • Letting us know if you have a good fundraising idea

If you wish to help with fundraising please visit the Contacts page.


We are proud to acknowledge the corporate sponsorship of the following business.

Larsens Music, 1833 Cook Street, (250) 389-1988


How can you help?

Volunteers are needed in the following areas


  • Concert Helper: Help set up, decorate, take donations, distribute programs; two volunteers are needed.
  • Concert Helper in warm up rooms: Supervise students in warm up rooms before concert begins. Lead students to the gym for beginning of the concert. Six volunteers are needed.


  • Poinsettias: Collect money and forms and count up totals. Order poinsettias; organize for distribution at winter concert.
  • Hanging Baskets: Collect money and forms and count up totals. Order baskets, organize for distribution on Friday before Mother’s Day
  • CD Sales: Collect money and forms count totals and label CD’s for distribution in band classes before winter break.
  • Musical Dessert Night organizer: Volunteers are needed to organize the food, distribution and collection of desserts, as well as organize volunteers to assist on the evening.
  • Dessert Night helpers: Decorate the Cafeteria with student help, assist with collection of desserts, assist event organizer, and assist with ticket sales. Four volunteers are needed.
  • Pizza Sales Volunteers: Sell Pizza at Central on a Tuesday or a Friday at Lunch. Volunteers will have to count money and order the pizza. This is for one month of the year potentially 8 days.


  • Trip Chaperones: Travel with the music program to various concerts and locations.

If you wish to volunteer please visit the Contacts page.

A big thank you to those parents who have volunteered their time and service to help make music a more enriching experience for students at Central Middle School.


Should students rent or buy their instruments initially?

It is strongly recommended you rent for the first year. This will ensure some flexibility if a change is needed.

What equipment does my child need?

  • An instrument chosen early September.
  • One folding metal music stand, which is very important for home practice so that proper posture is achieved.
  • Clarinet and Saxophone need a box of No. 2 reeds.
  • Percussionists need to rent a bell set and purchase or rent a practice pad. As well they need a pair of “Vater piccolo” drumsticks or wood tip 5A. The school will provide the Bass drum, snare drum.

When will we need these?

Your child will need to bring his or her instrument and book to every band class. Everything should be labelled with their name, division, school and phone number.

Should I let my child play their instrument prior to starting day in Band?

There is much excitement and eagerness to play the new instrument. However, it is important that these young enthusiastic musicians begin together using correct technique, which could be hindered by bad habits being formed prior to our first meeting.

What is a good brand of instrument to rent?

The quality of the instrument is extremely important as a good one will assist in making playing of the instrument more enjoyable and easier.

  • Flute
  • Yamaha, Gemeinhardt
  • Oboe
  • Yamaha, Bundy
  • Clarinet
  • Yamaha, Artley
  • Alto Sax
  • Yamaha, Armstrong, Vito
  • Trumpet
  • Yamaha, Holton, Jupiter, Bach
  • Trombone
  • Yamaha, Conn, King, Jupiter Bach
  • Euphonium (baritone)
  • Yamaha, Besson, Jupiter, Bach
  • Tuba
  • Yamaha, Besson, Jupiter

What is the best music store for me to rent from?

All the music stores in town are very reputable. The questions to ask when making the decision on where to rent from are:

  • Will all of my rental be used towards the purchase of any instrument the company sells should we choose to purchase later?
  • If I should change rental instruments, for example clarinet to trumpet, will all my rental money be able to be used towards the purchase of any instrument the company sells should we choose to purchase later?
  • Once I have bought an instrument what type of guarantee does it have?

What are the music stores in Victoria?

Larsen Music
1833 Cook St (between Caledonia and North Park)
Ph: (250) 389-1988

Long & McQuade Ltd
756 Hillside (Corner of Hillside and Blanshard)
Ph: (250) 384-3622

Tom Lee Music
Unit 105 – 2401D Millstream Road (Langford)
Ph: (250) 383-5222