BASKETBALL:  The Basketball Intramurals are starting the week of Nov 23.  All interested students are to pick up the sign up form from their teacher (or at the office) and bring it home for parents to sign.  Details about when the games will be played are on the form.

BADMINTON:  We are moving forward with Badminton at this time.  Students are asked to get a sign up form from Mr. Owen (or in the office) to bring home for parents to sign.  Details are on the form.  Badminton ends week of Nov 16.

All athletics at this time are being discussed for proper Covid19 safety measures.  Stay tuned.

The LIMSSA website link is below.  It has all the information about schedules for the annual Middle School Sports:

and the league constitution & rules:

Reminder to all parents/guardians – If you wish to volunteer/coach, please follow the link provided

*If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school Athletic Director (Jason Owenl) should be contacted first, before contacting the league sport commissioner.