Friday, March 7

Volleyball: The gr. 7 boys volleyball team won the city championship lat night. The team dethroned  PCS who had won the previous 4 years in a row. The team played very well with a strong effort from all the players. Well done Kai G., Dante C., Noah G., Christian V., Melouin M., Nigi M., Logan W., Gareth R., Christian M., Kobe K., Eddy S.

Boys gr. 6 volleyball won 4 out of 5 matches at John Stubbs.

Girls Gr. 8 competitive came second in the city. Way to go girls!

Music: No strings or choir today.

Lunch forms for April need to be handed in ASAP. Teachers please make sure your students have them.

Destination Imagination teams to meet in Mrs Higgins’ room at lunch today. Our tournament is in Comox tomorrow.

Rugby! Rugby! Rugby! – players don’t forget to buy your cleats and mouth guards over the break. Please see Mr. Macintosh if you can’t afford them.

Remember this is your last chance to claim your LOST AND FOUND!