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February FYI News – Written by Central’s Media and Social Justice Class
FYI, WE CAN HELP YOU.   Fort-Yates Info is the magazine of M...
Nov 21, 2017

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JUNE WORD OF THE MONTH - CITIZENSHIP The focus for the last month of the school year is citizenship. Citizenship means looking for ways to be voluntarily helpful and active in your...



Mon., Tues, Thurs. & Fri.

8:34 am    Advisory Class

8:51 am    Block 1

9:47 am    Nutrition Break

10:03 am  Block 2

10:59 am  Block 3

11:55 am  Lunch Recess

12:39 pm  Block 4

1:21 pm    Block 5

2:03 pm    Block 6

2:45 pm    Dismissal




8:34 am     Silent Reading

8:59 am     Advisory

10:11 am   Nutrition Break

10:26 am   Block 2 (Enrichment)

11:55 am   Lunch Recess

12:44 pm   Block 3

1:21 pm     Block 4

2:03 pm     Block 5

2:45 pm     Dismissal

Welcome to Central

Ecole Intermédiare Central/Central Middle School is a community of learners that values respect, responsibility, diversity, and excellence. Our school is committed to creating a diverse learning environment that is free from all forms of discrimination.

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