Spring has Sprung…

Well as the days get longer, the flowers start blooming, and the days get warmer; we are excited with the growth that this time of year brings.

As the third term proceeds, we continue to encourage students to be outdoors during breaks as it allows for fresh air, exercise and physical distancing. Thank you to everyone for their diligence with following the district and school protocols. We realize these can be challenging but it is important that we all take part to do everything that we can to keep each other safe.

We hope that if we are strict in following the provincial guidelines now, it will result in a shorter path to a time where we will require less extreme measures.

The third term is also a time where we start to think about transitions. The transitions of our grade eights to their next school and the transition that welcomes the current grade 5 students that will be joining us in September. We are looking at how we can celebrate the learning that has taken place this year, honour our grade eights as they prepare to leave our school community for their respective high schools, and create the infrastructure for next year. It is truly a time of growth and looking ahead.

As always, we appreciate the continued support of our Central Community around the safety protocols and Daily Health Check.

Thank you.