Help the Homeless

As part of the our responsibility to those less fortunate, Central Middle School grade 8 divisions 22 (Owen) and 23 (Howlett), have taken on the challenge of helping some of Victoria’s homeless population. This year we have a back pack and a feed the homeless project.

With help from our friends at the Grace Lutheran Church we were able to get 12 backpacks and fill them with much needed supplies. Grace Lutheran purchased the backpacks and gave us a large grant to help purchase the supplies. These backpacks will be given out to some of our homeless population later in December.

Our feed the homeless project endeavored to make 100 sandwiches which we have given to Victoria’s AIDS Society for them to distribute to their members that live on the streets. Portofino Bakery graciously donated all the bread for this project and we thank them whole heartedly.

Going forward in the New Year we hope to continue to teach the students the social responsibility we have to our community through projects like this.

Happy Holidays to all.