Wednesday, November 7, 2018


Remembrance Today’s feature song is by Victor Jara, a singer, theatre director and activist from the South American country of Chile.  In the nineteen sixties and seventies, Victor Jara helped to create a new style of folk music that celebrated peace and social justice.  In 1973, the military took over the government of Chile and Victor Jara was arrested and brutally killed. His music became a symbol of the struggle for human rights and justice during the decades when military dictators ruled Chile and much of South America.  We remember him and others who stand for peace.


The girls grade 6/7 Rec basketball team played two well-fought games yesterday at John Stubbs. They greatly improved over the course of the two games. Next practice is today at lunch in the gym.


Enrichments Change period is now over.  

The HAIRDRESSING TOUR is now scheduled to November 22nd.

Central Circle Enrichment: Please be reminded that lunch will be served in Mr. Forsberg’s room at 11:55. We will be leaving for the museum at 12:15.

Boot Camp Enrichment please meet at the front doors at 12:40 dressed and ready to run.

Library: Battle of the Books! If interested, meet in the library at lunch recess today


A pink scooter was taken from the foyer yesterday.  If you know where it is, please tell a teacher or let the office know.