Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Remembrance Today’s song is by an Egyptian singer named Ramy Essam.  During the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, Ramy Essam performed in Tahrir Square in Cairo, the centre of protests against a president who used the military to limit people’s freedoms.  Ramy Essam wrote a song named Irhal that urged the president to resign, and became hugely popular with protesters during the revolution. Essam’s songs were banned and he was arrested and tortured by police during the protests.  He continues to use his music to stand for gender equality, freedom, social justice and peace. We recognize Ramy Essam and other musicians who stand for peace.

Musical Auditions for Singin’ in the Rain –  Final auditions For Dora, Dexter, and the roles of stagehands and assistants are Thursday, November 8 at 3:30 pm in the Garage (Not Wednesday).  If you have missed an audition or have any questions, please see Mme Balabuch today.




Girls Grade 6/7 Rec basketball team. Please meet promptly in the foyer at 2:45 to head to John Stubbs for our tournament today.

Boys 8 Comp won their home game vs Glanford 61-56 .

Boys 8 Rec won both matches at Monterey . Well done!



It is getting colder outside. Cold weather is not an excuse to stay indoors. Students should come to school prepared – with warm clothing – to be outdoors during lunch and nutrition break.