Tuesday, January 22, 2019


That was Trio, another francophone track to get your day started.

Also, in world news, congratulations to gamer Harry Brewis, playing as Hbomberguy, who played donkey kong for 57 hours last weekend.  His twitch broadcast raised over three hundred thousand dollars to support programs for trans youth.


Special congratulations to Ms. Cole for representing Canada in an international soccer tournament in Hawaii.  She’s unstoppable!

Anyone who is interested in Anime, please come join us in Mr. Barwin’s Room on Wednesday at lunch recess.  It is a drop-in club.  We are reading, drawing, writing and basically doing everything anime.  Please note, we only have a certain amount of room, so please get there on time.  Thank you


Library: Battle of the books meeting today at Nut Break. Please bring your books and be ready to quiz each other!