Thursday, January 31, 2019


Yes, cellos can even play Metallica.  That was a group called Apocalyptica, featuring four cello players and lots of effects pedals.  Not sure what Metallica is? We asked some students.


Fondue Friday is tomorrow! Don’t forget to bring your loonies and toonies.


Boys 6/7 (Jesse’s team) are playing games at central after school

Boys 6/7 (Stacy’s team) are playing at St. Joseph’s


Music students, you can audition to do solos and combos for Musical Desserts today, and tomorrow at nutrition break or lunch. If you need to come after school or another time, please make arrangements with us. We are looking forward to hearing the things you’re working on!


Yearbook   Do not miss out!

Yearbooks are on sale for $25 a book, but only until the end of January! That is TOMORROW!!!Once we send in the order to the publisher there will be NO FURTHER OPPORTUNITY TO BUY THIS UNIQUE MEMORY OF THE YEAR! If you missed out buying your yearbook at the beginning of the year please order online through the school website or fill out the order form that your teacher has or you can pick up in the office. If you are not sure whether or not you ordered a book at the beginning of the year your teacher has a list of all orders.  The final deadline for all purchases is January 31st 2019.