Friday, February 1, 2019


Awwwwww… our last morning of cello music!  The viola da gamba was an early version of the cello that had no endpin, so the musician has to cradle the instrument with their legs.  It can have as many as seven strings and frets that are made of gut string tied around the neck of the instrument. Ewwww… strings made out of animal intestines.


Fondue Friday is today at lunch recess. ! Bring your loonies and toonies and get some melted chocolate and treats for dipping. Yummmm. . .

A reminder to all those who have signed up and are interested in the ski trip. Please come to a meeting today at lunch recess in the gym, that is lunch recess, after you have eaten your lunch and the bell has gone and students begin to head outside, come then, not earlier.

Unfortunately there will be no Art Club today at lunch due to Ms. MacGregor’s absence. See you next week!

Grade 8 tech monitors please meet in Ms. Gennai’s room at Nut Break


Boys 8 volleyball and Don and Soren’s grade 8 girls team are practicing after school today.


Music students, you can audition to do solos and combos for Musical Desserts today at nutrition break or lunch. If you need to come after school or another time, please make arrangements with us. We may not be able to accommodate any late auditions, so please speak with us sooner rather than later. We are looking forward to hearing the things you’re working on!


Next week, we’ll have Elena and Gabby from Div. 4 in the studio.  To finish up, another request from the box in the library. Probably the best airband tune of all time.